an island life

I get to live in the Pacific Northwest.  On an island.  And it is gorgeous.

Five minutes in almost any direction gets me to a beach.  It’s a rough life.

20170915 wm

The picture above is facing east from Dugualla Bay.  The morning was just shaking the sleep from her eyes and it cast a haze over the hills.  I love the monochromatic layering of grays.

It seems that I could visit the same location day after day and never capture the same picture twice.  The light is always changing, the tide is either in or out.  It’s like opening a gift afresh every time.

20170912a wm

My little town has a beautiful harbor.  There is a path that winds around it and no matter the weather, no matter the time of day, there are always people down there walking, jogging, visiting, drinking coffee.  I met this seagull down there one day.  He was thoughtful and inquisitive.  Something below him had caught his attention and he peered down from his lofty perch to study it, repeatedly.


20170912d wm

This trio of birds swooped in to chill on the dock.  They were energetic and slightly rowdy, like teenagers.  And like teenagers, they flew off to the next big thing just after this picture.


20170915b wm

Over at Joseph Whidbey Park there are innumerable photo opportunities.  It was a late morning, just as the sun was reaching it’s height for the day and the light was not at it’s most favorable for capturing photos.  But these stairs.  These stairs have always captured my attention in the way that they kind of wind up the hill, they don’t care to be perfect, but in that way they are.  I’m not done photographing them, I’ll be back.

It really is amazing to be a photographer in this place that offers endless opportunity to capture beauty.  The creative eye will never be quenched for everywhere I look there is a bounty.

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