seasonal magic

There is something so magical about the changing seasons.  When Summer gives way to Autumn it is a breathtaking transformation.  Where once was verdant green are now splashes of gold and rust.  The sky takes on a magnificent blue as the sun bathes everything in a softer light.

Around here fall signifies high school football season, pumpkin spice season, and break out the sweaters in the morning but lose them by the height of the afternoon warmth.

A little while back I was able to spend some time at the Ferry House on Ebey’s Landing in Coupeville.  It was an unplanned expedition but it could not have been any more perfect as the golden hour set in.  The light captured in these pictures is so like fall that now is a great time to share them along with one of my favorite poems.

Exhaust the little moment


For soon it dies


And be it gash or gold


It will not come again


In this identical disguise.


Gwendolyn Brooks


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