ferry rides

One of the really amazing things about living on an island is getting to ride the ferries.  This island has one bridge connecting it to another island and, eventually, the mainland.  The bridge is at the northernmost tip.  There is a ferry in the middle of the island that travels west to the Olympic Peninsula.  At the southernmost tip there is another ferry that travels to the mainland and city living.


Reservations are always a good idea when riding the ferries so it can take a little forethought to make a journey and then you are a little tied down to ferry schedules and not so free as bird as a wanderer might like to be.  If your journey is one of pleasure and won’t be taking you far from the ferry terminal on the other side, walking on is a great option.  I’ve taken a ferry trip as a walk on just for an ice cream cone on the other side!

Once on board a ferry you can either sit in your car (not very exciting unless you have a good book or entertaining company) or you can go to the upper decks where await tables with partially completed jigsaw puzzles, vending machines, coffee, people watching, scenery spying, hot food in the galley, and soaking in the Washington sun on the sundeck.


The Puget Sound looks expansive from the perspective of the ferry and it is amazing the sights you’ll see.It is not completely unheard of to see a whale from the ferry.  I’ve seen seals and porpoise and all sorts of sea birds.

Here is a container ship called Hyundai Grace.  This ship is 294 meters (964 feet) long and weighs 52,581 tons.  For reference, the ferry that these pictures were taken from, the Kennewick, is 273 feet and weights 2415 tons.


It cuts through the water with a bit of a snarl don’t you think?


Here’s a little tugboat out working.  This particular tug has quite the history!  It was built in 1944 in Brooklyn New York for the United States Navy. It has been named and renamed 7 times, now called the Glen Cove.


The view from the stern of the ferry.



And the view headed back home.  That’s our Whidbey Island with the Cascade Mountain range in the background and Mount Baker standing over all.


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