photographing home

I’m the sort of person that loves to be HOME.  Feeling safe, warm, and comfortable are important and home is all those things to me.  My home is simple and clean and far from perfect but it is filled with my family and the things that are special to me.

Seeing other people’s homes is also high on my list.  I like to see how people live, how they fill their homes, what is important to them.  It’s cool if the house is not immaculate because it is real.  We all have socks laying around or dust on the coffee table.

Real estate photography is very exciting.  The opportunity to see a house, with all of it’s grit and personality or it’s proper smooth edges, and be able to capture those aspects is an honor.  Albeit, real estate agents and homeowners alike desire that the house be showcased in the best way possible.  And that makes this photographer’s heart beat faster, the creativity allowed to surge.

The most recent home I photographed was a ranch style in an established neighborhood.  It was a little worn around the edges but had beautiful structure and so much promise.  It was bursting with opportunity to shine again under the right care.

It was a beautiful fall morning, the early sunshine and the fall leaves showcased the home perfectly.


The kitchen was warm and clean.  See to the right of the sink there is a manual juicer mounted?  Maybe the new owners will not find it as adorable as I did as I stood and turned the crank.


Large windows lined the living room, showcasing the beautiful backyard.  It was so open, so light, so bright and cheerful.  I can see sitting at those windows in every season taking in the snowfall, or the birds, or the morning sun.


The backyard was so easy to photograph.  The landscaping lends an Asian flair and was filled with beautiful plants and stone décor.  This yard is a sanctuary, a retreat.




It was a pleasure to photograph this home and I’m pleased to say it is now under contract.

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