new construction

Real estate photography can be a challenging art.  Bedrooms are not typically very photogenic.  Bathrooms are awkward to capture.  But at the same time, that challenge is what makes it fun and exciting.

Getting a good shot sometimes requires some flexibility on my part.  I may be standing on tip toes with arms raised overhead to get a large room shot.  I may be kneeling low and arched just so.  As is the case with bathrooms, I’m trying it all.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a new construction home.  It is so fun to imagine how someone will live in a home and with a new construction that imagination really works from a clean slate.

The front of the house…


A nice open kitchen with plenty of light and a large island…


The wall of windows at the back of the house really lets in the afternoon light…


Standing at the kitchen sink spying birds in the wooded lot next door…


The master bath gets a lot of natural light from that window…


The main bathroom…


One of two bedrooms in the front side of the house…


The backyard has so much potential.  This large deck is a great starting point.  There will be many colorful Whidbey Island sunsets here.



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