winter on whidbey

Here on Whidbey Island in the gray days of winter it can be easy to just hunker down at home with some hot tea and wait for Spring. But despite the overcast skies and chill in the air, winter on Whidbey is still a beautiful sight to see.

We have have beaches at every turn, and thanks to the turn of the tides every day at the beach is different than the day before. We have trails to hike through woods or on high bluffs, trails that wind across driftwood and next to wetlands.

Birds are abundant here. It doesn’t take but a watchful eye and a hint of patience to see everything from Kingfishers to Hummingbirds with the frequent Bald Eagle sighting to set the heart aflutter.

Whidbey Island deer can be very photogenic creatures. At Fort Casey, the deer traipse near to humans without so much as a second thought. I was lucky enough to come across a trio of deer enjoying a quiet morning. They allowed me to be near with nothing more than mirrored curiosity.



Fort Casey offers beautiful vistas of Admirality Inlet, a strait that connects the Strait of Juan De Fuca with the Puget Sound. Every day, many times a day, a ferry travels from Whidbey across the waters to Port Townsend and back. These ferries are large with a maximum vehicle capacity of 64, of which they frequently transport multiple semi trucks with trailers. But compared to the expansive water, the ferry appears small.


Sometimes to see the best of Whidbey you need to drive the back roads. Get off the beaten track and discover the beauty of this place. You may stumble across a piece of the island’s past, preserved in a patina of age.


Winters on Whidbey can be a feast for the adventurous soul. Bundle up and get out there!

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