artistic inspiration

One of the goals over here for the year was to take in the Seattle Art Museum.

Just one month into the new year and that goal has been achieved!

This place, this four stories of creativity, is such a powerhouse of inspiration. The whole city of Seattle, in fact, is a rich tapestry of art and color and emotion.

As steeped in small town as I am, the city offers such an overwhelming concerto of lights and sounds.


Pike Place Market is such a picture of Seattle, aged by the years and rich in a variety of influences.


There are always street musicians filling the air with fine music. These girls were really good with kazoos!


And just as the rain started in earnest and the evening set in, I was able to capture this picture, full of Seattle icons.


With the rain heavy, the art museum offered a dry respite.

My intent for visiting the museum was to find inspiration for my own work. Research, so to speak.


I was astonished with the amount of emotion the art depicted. Spanning thousands of years and from every continent, the art conveyed every emotion known to man. There was the sadness of death, the anger of war, the fear of destruction. There was love and lust. There was oppression and freedom.

Certain pieces were very moving, some were confusing. But throughout I was impressed with the skill of the artists to convey without words and regardless of time a message in a bottle, so to speak, sent to whomever might see their work after they were long gone.

It was an overwhelming visit, by sheer volume of the art displayed but also by the inspiration to be had.


Art is not a thing, it is a way.” -Elbert Hubbard

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” -Salvador Dali

An artist is an explorer.” – Henri Matisse


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