breath of gratitude

Winter persists.

Patches of snow cling to frozen ground. The sky holds heavy gray clouds promising afternoon snowflakes.

We see you winter.

And from the comfort of my warm home with an abundance of coffee I nod my head to you. You may go home now.

On a frozen, windy morning I shared space with a deer. She was not afraid, rather, curious. It is my practice to only observe, to give space, to give respect and I know she understood that.





There is a quiet calm that can be found in the outdoors, where nature exists the same today as yesterday and tomorrow. A breath of gratitude, a nod of recognition is all that we must give in return.

In this thought, I will not complain about winter and her lingering about. Instead, I will observe the thick clouds and the falling snowflakes with a heart of thankfulness. I will cling to the moments when I am witness to the beauty within nature and my ability to be there to see it.

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