expand horizons

It is good to widen the creative approach, to expand the horizons.  Seek inspiration always.  Mostly my inspiration is in nature, among the trees.  I’m inspired by sunlight and shadows.  Getting out of my routine though, and shaking things up proves to be an excellent way to add a new aspect to my art.

I visited a city today.  More specifically, I took myself to an art museum in the city.  But, while finding parking I was distracted by the beautiful buildings, the brick, the concrete.  And so the city inspired me.

The exhibit at the art museum was “Endangered Species” and was about just that, the role that man has played in the destruction of our planet.  It was disturbing and poignant and beautiful and thought provoking all at that the same time.



The museum itself is a beautiful idea, named The Lightcatcher for it’s curved, translucent wall that stands 37 feet high and 180 feet long.  I enjoyed observing the building as a whole as well as taking in the exhibit it hosted.



A few blocks away stands the old City Hall, now home to the history museum.  It is a glorious, old building, standing tall and proud.  I think I captured it’s stature well in these next few photographs.






The sky was gray and it began to rain but I stood under these great big trees in the middle of this city and just adored the changing leaves, the greatness of the trees amid the concrete.





And the final photo of the day, a splash of color down a dingy alley.  Dumpsters and garbage and graffiti and this patchwork of beauty….



So, while most of what I photograph is beautiful island scenes, landscapes and nature, that is not where beauty is quarantined to.  As a creative soul, as a human in general, it is profitable to expand your horizons.  Look around the next bend, travel over the crest of the hill.  Visit the exhibits at museums.  Walk down that alley.  Look up.  Look around.

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