new construction

Real estate photography can be a challenging art.  Bedrooms are not typically very photogenic.  Bathrooms are awkward to capture.  But at the same time, that challenge is what makes it fun and exciting.

Getting a good shot sometimes requires some flexibility on my part.  I may be standing on tip toes with arms raised overhead to get a large room shot.  I may be kneeling low and arched just so.  As is the case with bathrooms, I’m trying it all.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a new construction home.  It is so fun to imagine how someone will live in a home and with a new construction that imagination really works from a clean slate.

The front of the house…


A nice open kitchen with plenty of light and a large island…


The wall of windows at the back of the house really lets in the afternoon light…


Standing at the kitchen sink spying birds in the wooded lot next door…


The master bath gets a lot of natural light from that window…


The main bathroom…


One of two bedrooms in the front side of the house…


The backyard has so much potential.  This large deck is a great starting point.  There will be many colorful Whidbey Island sunsets here.



portrait photography

It was a perfectly sunny afternoon on Whidbey Island.  I met up with Alisha in the beautiful town of Coupeville.

Some photos are easier to take than others, each wink of the shutter yielding something great.  This girl fits right in there.  She radiates beauty and sunshine.  I even told her at one point that the sun was shining around her like a halo.

It was truly a pleasure working with Alisha, helping her get some beautiful portraits for her business cards, her business, and also just for her.





Contact me if you would like to set up a consultation appointment.  We can talk about what you are looking for, and together we can create something beautiful.

photographing home

I’m the sort of person that loves to be HOME.  Feeling safe, warm, and comfortable are important and home is all those things to me.  My home is simple and clean and far from perfect but it is filled with my family and the things that are special to me.

Seeing other people’s homes is also high on my list.  I like to see how people live, how they fill their homes, what is important to them.  It’s cool if the house is not immaculate because it is real.  We all have socks laying around or dust on the coffee table.

Real estate photography is very exciting.  The opportunity to see a house, with all of it’s grit and personality or it’s proper smooth edges, and be able to capture those aspects is an honor.  Albeit, real estate agents and homeowners alike desire that the house be showcased in the best way possible.  And that makes this photographer’s heart beat faster, the creativity allowed to surge.

The most recent home I photographed was a ranch style in an established neighborhood.  It was a little worn around the edges but had beautiful structure and so much promise.  It was bursting with opportunity to shine again under the right care.

It was a beautiful fall morning, the early sunshine and the fall leaves showcased the home perfectly.


The kitchen was warm and clean.  See to the right of the sink there is a manual juicer mounted?  Maybe the new owners will not find it as adorable as I did as I stood and turned the crank.


Large windows lined the living room, showcasing the beautiful backyard.  It was so open, so light, so bright and cheerful.  I can see sitting at those windows in every season taking in the snowfall, or the birds, or the morning sun.


The backyard was so easy to photograph.  The landscaping lends an Asian flair and was filled with beautiful plants and stone décor.  This yard is a sanctuary, a retreat.




It was a pleasure to photograph this home and I’m pleased to say it is now under contract.

ferry rides

One of the really amazing things about living on an island is getting to ride the ferries.  This island has one bridge connecting it to another island and, eventually, the mainland.  The bridge is at the northernmost tip.  There is a ferry in the middle of the island that travels west to the Olympic Peninsula.  At the southernmost tip there is another ferry that travels to the mainland and city living.


Reservations are always a good idea when riding the ferries so it can take a little forethought to make a journey and then you are a little tied down to ferry schedules and not so free as bird as a wanderer might like to be.  If your journey is one of pleasure and won’t be taking you far from the ferry terminal on the other side, walking on is a great option.  I’ve taken a ferry trip as a walk on just for an ice cream cone on the other side!

Once on board a ferry you can either sit in your car (not very exciting unless you have a good book or entertaining company) or you can go to the upper decks where await tables with partially completed jigsaw puzzles, vending machines, coffee, people watching, scenery spying, hot food in the galley, and soaking in the Washington sun on the sundeck.


The Puget Sound looks expansive from the perspective of the ferry and it is amazing the sights you’ll see.It is not completely unheard of to see a whale from the ferry.  I’ve seen seals and porpoise and all sorts of sea birds.

Here is a container ship called Hyundai Grace.  This ship is 294 meters (964 feet) long and weighs 52,581 tons.  For reference, the ferry that these pictures were taken from, the Kennewick, is 273 feet and weights 2415 tons.


It cuts through the water with a bit of a snarl don’t you think?


Here’s a little tugboat out working.  This particular tug has quite the history!  It was built in 1944 in Brooklyn New York for the United States Navy. It has been named and renamed 7 times, now called the Glen Cove.


The view from the stern of the ferry.



And the view headed back home.  That’s our Whidbey Island with the Cascade Mountain range in the background and Mount Baker standing over all.


seasonal magic

There is something so magical about the changing seasons.  When Summer gives way to Autumn it is a breathtaking transformation.  Where once was verdant green are now splashes of gold and rust.  The sky takes on a magnificent blue as the sun bathes everything in a softer light.

Around here fall signifies high school football season, pumpkin spice season, and break out the sweaters in the morning but lose them by the height of the afternoon warmth.

A little while back I was able to spend some time at the Ferry House on Ebey’s Landing in Coupeville.  It was an unplanned expedition but it could not have been any more perfect as the golden hour set in.  The light captured in these pictures is so like fall that now is a great time to share them along with one of my favorite poems.

Exhaust the little moment


For soon it dies


And be it gash or gold


It will not come again


In this identical disguise.


Gwendolyn Brooks


an island life

I get to live in the Pacific Northwest.  On an island.  And it is gorgeous.

Five minutes in almost any direction gets me to a beach.  It’s a rough life.

20170915 wm

The picture above is facing east from Dugualla Bay.  The morning was just shaking the sleep from her eyes and it cast a haze over the hills.  I love the monochromatic layering of grays.

It seems that I could visit the same location day after day and never capture the same picture twice.  The light is always changing, the tide is either in or out.  It’s like opening a gift afresh every time.

20170912a wm

My little town has a beautiful harbor.  There is a path that winds around it and no matter the weather, no matter the time of day, there are always people down there walking, jogging, visiting, drinking coffee.  I met this seagull down there one day.  He was thoughtful and inquisitive.  Something below him had caught his attention and he peered down from his lofty perch to study it, repeatedly.


20170912d wm

This trio of birds swooped in to chill on the dock.  They were energetic and slightly rowdy, like teenagers.  And like teenagers, they flew off to the next big thing just after this picture.


20170915b wm

Over at Joseph Whidbey Park there are innumerable photo opportunities.  It was a late morning, just as the sun was reaching it’s height for the day and the light was not at it’s most favorable for capturing photos.  But these stairs.  These stairs have always captured my attention in the way that they kind of wind up the hill, they don’t care to be perfect, but in that way they are.  I’m not done photographing them, I’ll be back.

It really is amazing to be a photographer in this place that offers endless opportunity to capture beauty.  The creative eye will never be quenched for everywhere I look there is a bounty.